What brings relief in the long term will depend on the cause of your distress. You might need a professional diagnosis to get to the bottom of it. But if you’re looking for home remedies to debloat your stomach today or avoid bloating tomorrow, there are a few things you can try.

Herbal teas, including peppermint, chamomile, ginger, turmeric and fennel can aid digestion and help process gas. Dandelion tea can help relieve water retention.
Peppermint oil capsules are a natural antispasmodic. That means they help your intestinal muscles relax. This can help you pass trapped poop and gas, especially if your problems derive from a motility issue.
Antacids have been shown to relieve inflammation in the digestive tract and help pass gas more easily. Antacids often include the active ingredient simethicone, which works to pass gas by grouping smaller gas bubbles together. Simethicone is also available separately.
Magnesium supplements help to neutralize stomach acid and relax the intestinal muscles. Magnesium has a natural laxative effect, which can be helpful from time to time but can be habit-forming if you use it too often.
Probiotics can help supplement or rebalance your gut bacteria. Some will help you digest your food better in the first place, and others may actually help absorb excess gasses. You may have to take them consistently for a few days or weeks to really notice a difference.
Psyllium husks are a popular fiber supplement that can help you poop more regularly. Always introduce fiber supplements gradually, and with lots of water. Over-the-counter laxatives can also be used as needed.
Regular exercise with a focus on core body strengthening can help combat abdominal bloating.