About Us

RSG NUTRITION AND HEALTHCARE is a Next Generation THERAPEUTIC NUTRITION Company incorporated with a Strong Purpose and Profound Vision to Reach a New Horizon in Healthcare by Achieving a Paradigm Shift from Marketing Sickness to Promoting Wellness with its “Unique and Effective Nutritional Formulations” targeting various life style diseases and disorders where traditional drugs are unable to meet the therapeutic needs.

Our Founder, Rajashree Gadgil has 2 decades of Global Experience in Healthcare and Nutrition across therapy areas like Orthopedics, Therapeutic Nutrition, Gynecology, Gastroentrology, Cardio-Diabetes, Pediatrics, Antibiotics and more… 

She firmly believes that in this era of dynamically changing Lifestyles, Environment, Demographics, Geographies and Foods which lead to Chronic Life-Style Epidemics… Nutrition as a Therapy can be modern days’ most effective and safe truth in so many ailments like Digestive Diseases, Bone & Joint Disorders, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-geriatrics & Geriatrics Disorders, PCOS/Infertility, Post-Surgical & General Recovery, Oncology, Infections/Immunity and more…

 RSG NUTRITION AND HEALTHCARE is our Tribute to one of the first Revolutionary Healthcare Legends, our inspiration, Late R S Gadgil, who with his STRONG PURPOSE of developing Effective therapies to REDUCE DISEASE BURDEN garnered the PROFOUND VISION of TRUNUTRITION FOR TRUWELLNESS.

Having Enormous Passion for Branding and Profound Knowledge of Science & Marketing, he has fostered several healthcare companies in their building years and has launched many essential products which are treating millions of patients in our country today.

The Designing and R&D of our range of products is being done since past decade by him with his deep experience, expertise and WISDOM. 

As Therapy needs are changing vastly from infectious disease treatment to Lifestyle disease management to autoimmune disorders control, consumers are realising the limitations of drugs and surgical treatments. 

While the marketplace is cluttered with several products, RSG Nutrition & Healthcare is committed to develop “Responsible Evidence Based Carefully Crafted Nutrition Products” with Ingredients having potential to help cure diseases/disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis,  Surgical & Medical recovery, Weakness & fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc.

RSG is also working on developing effective formulations which could help therapeutically cure debilitating diseases like Dyslipidemia, Fatty Liver, Hypertension, PCOD, Infertility, Weight Loss and more…

While Nutrition is always associated with Flavours & Colors, there is a notion that healthy foods mostly may not to be tasty. Also, the same taste day after day can set in boredom and can both these can affect the compliance. 

In fact, our personalized exclusive flavours are changing the paradigm to flavours improving compliance especially amongst the geriatric and young population who tend to be finicky about their foods being tasty as per their personalized choices. 

We at RSG are determined to create a NUTRITION REVOLUTION with a strong mandate of EDUCATE ENERGIZE EXERCISE by developing various educational initiatives targeted to the key stakeholders i.e. The Patients, The Nutritionists & The Healthcare Providers

  • Developing and Disseminating Educational Videos and E-Publication with authentic content on the Proactive & Reactive Nutrition with its Functional and Therapeutic Benefits
  • Conducting Nutrition Symposiums & Seminars in National Conferences, Local Events and Patient Programs involving various stakeholders from the healthcare ecosystem
  • Supporting Personalized Nutrition Counseling Centers providing Integrative nutrition advise to patients/ health conscious individuals including our products in providing effective holistic advice